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Monday, September 05, 2011

Summer has been fine...

Summer took a while to launch here in Nelson, BC Canada...with a long, wet and cool spring, which seemed to bleed into mid-July. But finally August came in with trumpets blaring and it's been mostly sunny, clear and filled with beauty.

Our home was also filled with visitors from Australia, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Gabriola Island and Japan. Loved every one of them, but also enjoyed the odd quiet day, with the canoe calling, playtime with the neighbors on the beach, a good novel or a few...and the feeling of 'summer' that brings back the Halcyon days of childhood.

Tomorrow feels like the first day of the year.

Blossoms just outside front door

Ready to paddle?

Restored Streetcar #23 - running through Lakeside Park, Nelson

I'm glad to know you enjoyed a wonderful summer. The pictures certainly go far to prove your claim. I hope your new job is allowing you a decent amount of free time to enjoy the autumn as much.
It's been a wonderful summer for me as well! :)
And September always feels like the beginning of a new year....
Glad to see your summer has blasted its way into Nelson, and you are enjoying the lake, visitors and childhood reflections. The seasons have a habit of bringing back those memories don’t they?
we had the same cool start to summer, and now it's gone..... yellow pencils that have never been sharpened are, to me, the symbol of the new year, which begins right about now. may summer's memories warm your autumn and winter.

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