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Friday, September 17, 2010

Derek Sivers on starting a movement

Here is your 3 minute fun for the day - pretty insightful too...

Do you think there is truth in this?


Actually true in all kind of leadership
from parenthood to Robin Hood, and every president in between, also the Queen :-)

A true leader is a person you can trust to follow to places You would not dare to You. A boss is only a decision-maker and punisher.

If I follow to Your other blog,
then You are a leader, if many
of us click on the link, we have
a cyber-movement :-)

Have a great weekend, my friend
and the above - no matter if the film
only act after manuscript with artists
i love ted.

what about all of those lone nuts who don't care if anyone follows them....?
ANNA-LYS - thanks and I hope your weekend was fine too. I love your poem fellow cyber-movement pal.

gfid - now just who would they be?
... well, no one knows for sure, cuz they're ignored...... and what's wrong with being a lone nut? is life a popularity contest?
Good point gfid. Lone nuts are often the best nuts.

I guess a movement has to be useful for their to be merit in followers. Sarah Palin and the Tea Party come to mind as the opposite of useful. Lech Walesa and the Polish dockworkers might be a positive example.
agreed.... if you have a liking for nuts, and don't have a nut allergy


movements with valuable purpose make the world a better place. 'movements' for the sake of being a 'movement' are trendy and trite.
Thank You dear Gary for Your compassion and shared understanding in Your comment in my post, the other day <3
Hi Gary
Good to see you one again enjoyed your annual Kootenay Lake sojourn. The clip does communicates some insightful points about us.
Best wishes
gee, ted makes it sound almost nice to be a lone nut. i don't feel so bad now.
all i need is that first follower.
ahh, nevermind. i don't want the responsibility of having followers.
besdies, if there were followers, there wouldn't be any lone nuts left, only politicians.
lol @ Sera :-)

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