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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Paddling, summer living...and thinking

These little wonders are emptying our feeder every 2 or 3 days.

From working in the north. This is one of Hazelton's 'suburbs' - and the 2-milers really are special...

Kootenay Lake in the summer...calm mornings (3 photos).

Summer is fully here in the interior of BC. Hot days, cool nights, eagles, ospreys, bears, deer and hummingbirds. Cold beer and Strongbow cider...meals on the patio. Novels.

Okay, I'm working a bit too, and I have this nagging feeling that while I enjoy all this, our Prime Minister and Conservative government are quietly dismantling the social democracy and caring country that I live in.

- Cutting environmental regulations.
- Scrapping the long census form.
- Building more prisons to get tough on crime (as it reaches the lowest rates in 30 years).
- Ignoring (indeed blocking) global action on climate change.
- Ramping up the tar sand development and allowing deep well exploration on the Beaufort Sea.
- Ignoring the court order to do something about child soldier Omar Khadr (languishing for 6 years in Guantanamo Bay illegal prison)
- Refusing to sign the International Convention on the Rights of Indigenous People
- Holding back funds for international maternal health (if abortion is included in the work)
- Getting cozier with Israel while ignoring the human rights of the Palestinians

Oh Jeez, this is making me want to do two things very clearly:

1. Grab my novel (Nikolski), my towel and a beer and wander down the yard to the beach.
2. Inspire all Canadians to vote for anyone but a Conservative in the next election.

Enjoy summer! (Unless you're in Australia or South Africa, then enjoy winter...)

I feel more serene for having looked at your photos. I hope you're having an excellent summer, Gary.
The photographs are lovely; the news less so. I wonder if we'll be there in time to vote?
Love the pictures. Wish I could jump in a canoe and "sail" away for awhile too!
Are YOU the Gary who donated to my MS150 ride? If so, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

More than generous of you.

Big hugs!

If it's not you, you can still keep the big hugs! =)

Sarah - yes, I'm that Gary and I encourage everyone else to check out your cause too (via your blog).

Susan, you'll tip the balance here in Canada - I'm sure of it!

You too Lisa!
Lovely photos!
Beautiful, peaceful, envy-inducing photos!

As an American citizen, I feel your pain regarding your list of political grievances...

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