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Friday, March 05, 2010

Six or seven minutes of inspiration anyone?

In a world of busy-ness, complexity... and no lack of problems to see through every glance - beauty and community go a long way to remembering something deeper (and being happy).

This public guerrilla art event erupted in the market in Valencia, Spain. It's worth watching through to the end, as it builds and the audience is wonderful. May you be inspired too...

(La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi)

The smiles, the joy, the spirit – wonderful to see!

Watching this video also made me hungry. ;)
it is sweet to be surprised by beauty.
everyone is immersed in humdrum 'everyday' living, doing chores, eating, tucking receipts into shoe boxes that, too often, we forget the things that have meaning.
we walk through life forgetting to see the beauty of other people.
we don't have time for sunsets, or we squeeze coffee at starbucks into a busy lunch hour.
its wonderful to be confronted with surprised beauty. it reconnects us.
thanks gary for sharing that.
Good to see everyone enjoying what I gather are members of the Valencia Opera House posing as shopkeepers and singing up a storm in the marketplace. I have attended performances of La Traviata and I think it is one opera that even people with an ambivalence towards opera will find pleasing.
You might be interested to know that “La Dame aux Camellias” was a French novel to become a play which was adapted by Verdi who had a keen eye for French theatre works since he was able to convert numerous pieces into fine operatic plots.

But opening night was a dismal failure; the 1853 Venetian audience erupted into howls of laughter over serious moments as poor Violetta was wasting away and over the inadequacies of the dancers and poor stage direction.

Verdi asked afterwards “Was it my fault or the fault of the singers? - 167 years later I think we can answer that question.
Best wishes
That was really very heartwarming and delightful. It's amazing just how transformational shared music can be. Thanks, Gary.

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