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Monday, January 04, 2010

Oh Banksy!

Some years ago I used to post graffiti every week or so, after scanning the internet to find good stuff. Banksy, the elusive British guerrilla street artist, invariably showed up as the most interesting. Well, he's still busy and these are two of my favourites.

By the way, if you like this, you'll probably also enjoy Seraphine's blog, with its daily dose of wonderful comic art and social comment.

Click on them to see photos larger...

haha it took me a minute to realize she was hanging the poor zebra's stripes out to dry.
that's great. i love it.
a zebra is the same thig as a horse, isn't it, but with stripes?

as to mr. lincoln, i'm glad he's a recycler.
the thing with great debaters, unless they can get a television gig, there aren't many well-paying career chocices for him in the modern world. there are already too many attorneys.
he'd probably get arrested for freeing house cats.

thank you gary for giving a nod to my website. you're awesome for doing so.
(careful, your striped are showing)
grrr. i have one of those trick keyboards where some mischievious coyote put the d next to the s. it trips me up all the time!
i meant: careful, your stripes are showing.
I kind of like 'my striped' are showing...

And yes, Honest Abe might get a gig on CNN or even PBS, but he might not get any votes for President.
Banksy is always sure to please at any time of the year and so is Seraphine. I wonder how hard times will have to become again to require the talents and heart of another Lincoln?

and so it goes.

All best wishes for the best of a new decade :-)
Love the Zebra!
Artistic graffiti. Love it.
I love these!

Also, I love Seraphine. I found her website through you. Seraphine never fails to make my day every time she posts. It's so wonderful to know there are folks out in this world with such grace, talent, and intelligence.
I love the graffiti you post. I love the zebra stripes being aired out to dry. My favorite one you've posted of all time is the one I think was on the West Bank wall of the girl with balloons. I just think of it and it brings tears!
Thanks all - and thanks for recognizing Seraphine's work. She and Banksy could change the world... (probably are).

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