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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Climate Change, Canada...and Embarassment

Yikes! Just back on Canadian soil after a month in Australia (photos to follow and there was a second visit to Lindsay too)...

I was disappointed with how much credibility the Australian media gives to climate change doubters, sceptics and dinosaurs. Of course, if you scratch the surface, experts are usually directly connected to the oil/coal industry in some way. If you doubt me on that, have a look at this book sometime. In any case, their Liberal opposition is now led by Tony Abbott, an avowed sceptic, surrounded by a gaggle of like-minded brontosauruses.

Anyhow, I hope the Aussies stick with their PM Kevin Rudd, who gets it.

Meanwhile, our own Stevie Harper and team are well on the way to ruining Canada's reputation. We're winning Fossil Awards like they're going out of style - in fact 500 environmental NGOs have awarded Canada 'Fossil of the Year'. Tar Sands and petro-corps over grandchildren and food. Smart.

Our approach to Copenhagen could be summarized as "no deal is the best deal" or "make the poor pay" or "we miss George W. and the good old days".

I've been signing petitions (such as this one) but am inclined to think the best petition is the next election, when we need to send the Conservatives for a time -out. Maybe they can put on their gum boots and go to the tar sands and sequester some carbon...

You have such a clear and true voice.

I do like it when you inject a little of this, too:

"gaggle of like-minded brontosauruses"
I hope to be there to cast my vote for Elizabeth May who also gets it.

Glad you both made it home safe and sound.
Hi Gary – Abbott is certainly a spoiler trading on doubt and negativity to insist Australia is too small a country to take a leaders role on sustainably issues such as limiting our carbon footprint. All the best for your Christmas. At the moment we are immersed in music – singing at both evening and midnight masses a mixture of carols, hymns and melodies.
Best wishes
with oil at $120 american dollars a barrel, it's little wonder the countries that have it wish to produce it. especially in this time of economic upheaval, where so much wealth is being transferred away from the western world (or lost).
everything comes in its own time. i hope when its time to save the planet, it's not too late.
oh! i almost forgot, gary. i wish you and your family/loved ones a verty merry christmas.
merriest of the red and green season to you and yourn, gary..... a guy whose green is firmly rooted in the earth at his feet, even when the brontosauri make him see red. blessings heaped upon blessings, filled to the top and running over.
Well said!

The US did their own tap dance around the issue... nothing solid, nothing verifiable (the US & Chine being the biggest consumers,worst polluters).

If they are going to leave empty handed, why not teleconference & spare the burning of all the carbon, to do nothing?

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