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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Northern Exposure...

I've been traveling too quickly in Northern BC to enjoy the sights enough, as I'm facilitating public meetings once or twice a day and moving between towns daily. The meetings are about the health care system here and are nothing like the tea party meetings my American cousins have to put up with. People here are vocal about how they want things to work, but also appreciative of what they have. (Honestly guys, it is a nice feeling when everyone can get health care with no hassles - from a doc visit through to brain surgery or cancer treatment. No request for money. No pre-authorization. The US is the only developed country in the world without universal health care... but I digress.)

So, meetings aside, here are some shots of sights in the past week. I've seen totem poles in Kitwanga, bears along the Skeena River, pick -up trucks as common as trees and had coffee-swill and one of the best cups of java ever (Mercedes Beans in Hazelton). It's 500,000 square kilometres of land with less than 400,0o0 people. Do the the math...

Next week I'm on Haida Gwaii which will call for more camera action.

Me at the old Hudson Bay Trading Post in Fort St. James. She's an actress, I'm for real...

Gitksan Wet Suwetan people fishing at Moricetown Canyon (see the guy to the left)

The Bulkley River... wayyyy down below me - and I'm leaning over the rail (see below)

One-lane Hagwilget Bridge over the Bulkley River (see above to see below)

Mount something - one of the Seven Sisters near Terrace

From the train window at dusk

beautiful pictures, but the last one of the water taken from the train- wow! that one floors me. awesome.
it's a beautiful country.
it sounds like, besides work, you're having fun.
and ya, it's time for the u.s. to fix their healthcare system.
since we outsource everything anyway, i wish we'd just adopt canada's system.
Lovely photos of Northern BC and I guess it’s a shame you’re not able to appreciate more of that beautiful scenery. If I remember correctly you underwent a similar but less extensive visit in that region about this time last year? Is this a follow up visit or a new project?
No doubt those communities will be deeply appreciative of the travel effort /inconvenience you undertake to be with them first hand in helping achieve their community objectives and outcomes. That is never easy work but I always felt a renewed sense of fellowship when I similarly made visits (of a much shorter duration and only to local community businesses) to the country in Australia. Country folk are more appreciative of the personal face to face contact and very hospitable.
I always enjoyed that special interaction which I am sure you also will experience but to a much greater extent.
Are there any indigenous communities?

Best wishes
what a stunningly beautiful country.
I live in one too, but everybody seems to go to Turkey and Spain for their holidays......
The pictures are all wonderful but I must say my favorite is the serendipitous shot you took from the train. It's magnificent.

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