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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Further north...further west

I'm now on Haida Gwaii, a wonderful other-worldly group of islands in the north Pacific. It truly feels like another land, physically and culturally. Here are a few shots, including from the float plane as we flew over here from the mainland.

On an interesting and exciting note, when I arrived at the B&B in Masset, one of the two other guests was David Suzuki. All Canadians will know who I mean and perhaps others as well. He's a renowned scientist, broadcaster (The Nature of Things on television for e.g.) and ardent and annoying-to-those-in-power environmentalist. He gave a great speech in the local church hall and another one over beer back in the B&B.

Dock in Prince Rupert - I got the co-pilot seat

Islands in Hecate Strait - over to Haida Gwaii

Up close on the rainforest floor - I like this one

Old growth forest floor, near site of the Golden Spruce

Looking over the 30 mile North Beach, from the top of Tow Hill (Haida Gwaii)

Forget Hollywood celebrities, politicians and the like ā€“ David Suzuki is someone Iā€™d be thrilled to meet.
Looks like you are in one gorgeous spot ā€“ love that unspoiled beach.
mmm. i can almost smell the spruce from here. what a beautiful, beautiful place.
how did you become so lucky!
I've thought very seriously about moving to the Charlottes but don't think I can convince my fellow traveller :-) The pictures are indeed wonderful and I know who David Suzuki is too. You must have been delighted to spend some time with him.
Gary ā€“ what wonderful pictures and a great experience to talk with such a remarkable environmentalist as David Suzuki.Look forward to hearing more about your interesting cultural experience.

Best wishes
Ahhh sitting with the trees, always helps you get centered & get in touch with your own roots.

Bee-u-tee-ful pics!

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