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Sunday, November 22, 2009

In the land down undah...

Somehow November 17th disappeared! It was November 16th as we flew toward Australia from Vancouver and the next instant it was November 18th. I pointed out to Anna that it would certainly be the cheapest day of our vacation...but we were both alarmed at its lost.

Fortunately when we fly 15 hours home in December, we'll leave Sydney on the night of the 16th and arrive in Vancouver on the morning of the same day.

Go figure! (Okay, I do understand, but it's still a marvel.)

Photos and stories to follow soon. Meanwhile if you have a chance, take the ferry from Circular Quay in Sydney to Manly. Eat some fish and chips, wander the beach, jump into the Pacific and at dusk hang out under the Norfolk pines as thousands of Rainbow Lorikeets make a racket and settle down for the night.

For those of you interested, I get the pleasure this week of meeting Lindsay Lobe (and wife) - in PERSON. That is more amazing than losing November 17th after all.

aah welcome to the experience. We feel the same when we travel back to India. :)

Please say Hi to Lindsay for me!
Wow. I'm a little bit jealous of all of it, but in a good way. :-)

Have fun!
Thanks Vee and Cheri and yes I will say hi to Lindsay for a bunchh of you who enjoy his blog.
i love lorikeets! they have them at marine world here in the bay area, and yoiu can go in the cage and hold them (careful: they poop on you too).
i'm glad you are having a wonderful time. you might as well stay a while, since it is summer down under. lucky you!
hey! you got to meet lindsay! that's awesome. he has the brightest mind and he is a most interesting person!

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