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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oct 24 Day of Action

You probably have heard of the 350 campaign, but if not, here's the poop...

350.org is an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis--the solutions that science and justice demand. Our mission is to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis—to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet. Our focus is on the number 350--as in parts per million, the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. But 350 is more than a number--it's a symbol of where we need to head as a planet.

Check out this grassroots movement and do something on October 24th if you can. This song is inspirational too (to me at least).

Happy to hear your comments fellow earthlings...

Yes, that is an inspiring video. I've marked October 24th on my calendar but I try to do my bit throughout the year. I think of my children - of all children.
Crow posted about this issue last week. The amount of CO2 the current mainstream plan allows for is 450ppm by 2020. It's far more than the climate will tolerate and could well be the end of all the coral reefs as well as half the species on the planet. I joined Tck Tck Tck some weeks ago.
This video is wonderful! I'm sorry I didn't your post until after the 24th. This climate stuff is truly frightening, mostly because the far-right has been so successful in getting people to ignore it. Plus, the political atmosphere in the US is so toxic these days it's hard to imagine that anything significant will get done there.
Keep up all your good work with climate change awareness and on the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees. As you say we are all mostly refuges and at present hold the keys to our survival or otherwise.
Nice video.

You would be interested to know I am currently helping a recently arrived Somali family of refugees become confident on the computer so that they can send e mails and become computer literate to use the free services at our local library.

Best wishes
Thanks Beth.

I knew you were on it sister Susan! And I was really happy to see how many of the 5000 actions in 180 countries were led by youth.

Hey SL - so nice of you to drop by.

Lindsay, that's wonderful! It must be quite rewarding for you and I know they appreciate it.

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