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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lindsay and Gary in Australia

Lindsay and Gary in Healsville Sanctuary

Can you see the audience in the tree behind?

Today, Lindsay and Anne hosted Gary and Anna to the Yarra Valley area of Melbourne, where we visited the
Healsville Sanctuary. Melbourne is on a flood plain, but the area to the northeast where Lindsay resides, in Eltham is hilly and attracts artists, nature lovers and wine aficionados. Further out is the Yarra Valley, renowned for wine, beauty and in recent years, bush fires which wreaked some devastation. We enjoyed seeing dozens of Australia's 'only-here' species today, from the platypus swimming in its display to kangaroos sitting on the hillsides and had a wonderful dinner in a hilltop winery restaurant.

Sounds wonderful!! Hurray for you two meeting up :)
Gary, I must insist from now on that you need a secretary on your travels - and that that person will be me, no others may apply for this job!
The job description is such:
Carrying around luggage and stuff
Taking pictures of vital moments
Communicating to people when you can't be at two places at once
Breaking the language barrier when it comes to Germanic and Scandinavian talk
Getting a tan in the sun, even though it is not that advisable
etc... etc...

In any case, enjoy your stay and make good use of your limited recourses. And most importantly, give my heartfelt greetings to Lindsay. He is a remarkable fellow indeed! His thoughtful comments and the descriptions of his deeds have followed me for some years by now.

It was "Thanksgiving" yesterday, we had a modest feast. It is very much an ambivalent holiday on the US calendar because after the the rescue of the immigrants by native Americans, the genocide was just begun. Today is "black Friday", and they now have declared this to be the "remembrance day" for native people who helped the first immigrants in Plymouth, MA. What a joke!
"Black Friday", what an adequate name...
The issue I have with the US is, that they defeated an empire (the Brits) with renewed idealism and vowed in their constitution not to become the same. They broke their promise and were mongering war ever since, continuously; in Asia, Middle East, South America... wherever you look.
So many resources are being blatantly busted for no reason whatsoever except for instant gain.
It just is a crying shame.

Well, enjoy your stay, Greetings to all - Lukas.
I've just read your two posts about visiting Australia and I'm glad to see you're both having such a wonderful time. What a treat to meet Lindsay and his wife - that has to be the longest distance I've ever heard of anyone going for a blogger meet-up. The photograph of the two of you and the Koala is perfect.

May you enjoy every moment.
yay! it sounds like you are having fun! *hi lindsay!*
there is nothing wrong with enjoying an area "renowned for wine" and kangaroos.
although, the koalas in the tree look like they drank all the chardonney.
i agree with Zee that you need some support staff.... but his job description sounds like too much for one person.... so you'd better hire me as support staff for Zee..... i'm especially good at the tanning part, and i get a lot of practice carrying heavy things at the ReStore, so i'll take care of the luggage.

this is a really terrific picture of you and LL.
your hired GFID, on the spot, I promise!
NIce comment Granny Fiddler, need to visit your blog again one of these days ... an other promise :)
I love the picture of you and Lindsay (and audience). Sounds like a wonderful trip!
G'day mates! I love your travels!

Please give Crocodile Dundee my kindest regards.
Zee and GF - I would be delighted to hire you as the travel support team extraordinaire! Better yet, let's plan a family-blogger-reunion somewhere for the whole gang! You two could even provide the music!

Subversive - it is a wonderful trip - we even got back to see Lindsay a second time!

Sarah - I'll look for Paul Hogan and I'm sure he'll love to hear from you. Nice new hairdo by the way!

Thanks all.
Love the photo of you and the audience!

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Have a great time!
i DO love a party!!!!
You guys look like old, dear friends already. I love blogger meet-up stories! Cheers to you both!

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