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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Canadian Sort of Sign

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and may the last week of the decade be a fine one for you - filled with meaning, love, intellectual stimulation and not too many hangovers.

Australia has so many insects, snakes, sea life and plants that can injure or kill you. - look up the Giant Stinging Tree or Brown Snake (this video is very Steve Irwin-like) or Blue-ringed Octopus...)

And we here in Canada have our bears to be afraid of. As in Australia, the actual numbers of injuries and death from nature encounters are tiny compared to just about any other risk, especially driving on the wrong side of the road.
Ask me.

Enjoy this warning sign (click to enlarge & read all the way through)

"...Grizzly bear shit has bells in it and smells like pepper."

And then what. Do I need to run?
Surely an amusing sign?

I have that sense that humans only learn by catastrophes, hence no whatsoever progress in Copenhagen. If a Sumani hits the shores in Asia and millions get dislocated and tens of thousands die, westerners just look on ... and give a little money. Other than that, it just remains in memory slot as an exotic event.... until it finally hits the "western" shores.
if you see a lonely bear, take him to the movies. you *never* hear of anyone being mauled at a movie theatre.
Merry Christmas Gary.
Gary and Anna, many blessings to you, hope the next year is a good one!
Ha! Love that sign!

Holiday greetings, blessings & cheer to you and yours...
Thanks for the Scat detail.
Although the sign references "him" and "outdoorsmen", does that mean Women are safe?
I already know the answer-- bear bait!

The only time I went camping w someone who carried a gun was in N. Montana.... bear country.
Our group of outdoorswomen were so loud & rowdy, we scared off any bears, no gun was needed.

Happy Holidays & watch for Scat!
Thanks all.
Zee - I think you should run with our without the pepper (or walk quickly), which I've done a couple of times around bears.

Sera - what a good suggestion. And in Australia they could invite a shark to go bowling... I bet no one has ever been bitten by a shark there.

Fran - yeah, it's a male centric campground I suppose, although we are in the 21st century...
If I come to Canada I won’t be too worried about the multitude of bear risks or how best to handle them but instead will rely more of the wisdom of such local illuninaries as within sight – we also have our signs which are nor nearly as helpful as yours – Blue ring octopus have been frequently sighted in these waters – bathers are advised that they may swim at their own risk.
Best wishes
I love bears, but I hope to never be so close as to be able to distinguish the berries and squirrel fur in black bear feces and the smell of pepper in grizzly bear.

Hop you and Anna and your family had a wonderful, merry Christmas.

End of the decade? I didn't even realize that until I read your post just now...

Wishing you many blessings in the new year.
i'd think pepper spray would only make a bear angry.
although if properly applied to your *own* face, you might not have to see his face as he devours you.
This sign picture was so funny I stole it to send to some of my off-line friends in emails.

I hope it was a good holiday for you and I wish you all the best in 2010. It sounds lie a good number to me.
some say we smell so bad to grizzlies that they head the other way at first sniff of us.... unless they're starving or demented.

blessings in 2010
Well, a happy new year to you, and blessings and peace for the new decade!
I'm so glad we don't have to wear bells when using the out-of-doors in Missouri. That would kind of take away from the serenity, yes?

But then when faced with a gnarly-toothed bear, I'd wear the bells.

I have a bear bell! bought it when I was visiting as a tourist.....and there's no need for it here....I did give my friend one to hang on her horse harness, warn the pedestrians we are coming, in case they can't see a big white horse pulling a cart.....
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