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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Banksy at it again...

Graffiti artist Banksy left this one along the banks of Regent's Canal in London

Climate change deniers have gone the gamut now - false information claiming there is no human induced climate change; false information claiming there is a significant debate that there is no human-induced climate change; false information claiming there might be human-induced climate change, but we can't do anything about it... and it's not so bad. And now they are doing anything possible to sow doubt in the public mind, even as the science moves ever further in proving how dire it is.

Good effort climate change deniers! You get an A+ for delaying action, commitment and for seeding confusion. Now if only we can charge you with crimes against humanity and the planet - and put you in prison for a decade or two...

I highly recommend a read of Climate Cover-Up by James Hoggan for anyone who thinks I'm over-stating or over-reacting to this. Funded by energy corporations and right wing think tanks - the climate change denial business has been hard at it for about 20 years now.

How can one not believe in global warming? It’s astounding how complacency & denial have become stronger forces than the evidence which surrounds us.
I checked the link - have noted the title & author.

And, no, I never think you are guilty of “...over-stating or over-reacting...”
How it is possible for what's right before our eyes to be spun into something else boggles the mind.

Brilliant post and graphic. Again. Always. Thank you.
There are people in positions of power who have absolutely no sense of responsibility and believe in nothing but their own incessant greed. As for the followers, what was that old saying - 'Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?'
i think most people feel powerless to do anything. a big chunk of ice breaks loose and changes the ocean current- what can we do?
if it isn't us, it's the chinese.
we can't afford to save the environment during a recession because there is no money.
but all of us can do something. buying fuel efficient cars, recycling, encouraging and supporting green initiatives by corporations, utilities and governments- every little bit helps.
all great change happens one person at a time- until it becomes an irresistable wave.
don't loose heart. and pass it along.
Remember the hugely generous scholarships to academics all over the western world given by Mao who helped legitimism that regime to create the so called Maoists who defended his system on the basis it was the purest forms of socialism. Mao wanted to be seen as a wise leader of oppressed peasants and was successful in converting a growing number of intellectuals who were given conducted highly restricted tours of China so that in return and in consideration for further grants they wrote glowing reports about a regime whose rule was evidenced in the Cultural Revolution between 1966 and 1976.
Although things have changed for the better we would be naive to think we are so much wiser, so that If you want to understand the legitimacy or otherwise of global warming skeptics your best to follow the money trail and see who is funding their research which will lead to the big polluters and their conservative cronies. Add to that the relatively small increase in past temperatures and the need to use complicated computer modeling to predict the unfavorable outcomes we are already experiencing and it is not so hard to see how entrenched interests can easily cast a thin but nevertheless pervasive layer of doubt across the community.
Best wishes

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