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Monday, February 15, 2010

This... and that


I don't know if you watched the Olympic opening ceremonies. I missed most of it and sadly, missed slam poet Shane Koyczan recite his piece "We are more". For those who might like it, here it is (not the Olympic version, but same poem).


If you watch the Olympics you'll also know that BC is experiencing one of the mildest winters on record. We're usually still shoveling snow to get out of our drive, wearing toques and mittens to go to the store, keeping the heat up and the flannel PJs on. Well, these photos are from this week. Climate change in our micro-region predicts warmer winters, drier summers and within a few decades - avocado growing seasons. We're also going to get more floods, more forest fires and a rapid change of ecology. For now, I'll accept warm weather canoeing in February... (Click to see larger.)

View of the property we live on (little house up the hill, just peeking past the bigger one)

February 2010 - The Frozen North??

What an amazing, inspiring poem! Big smiles in this household while listening to it.
As for the weather, we take the good with the bad... I'm not missing the usual massive amounts of snow here.
Yes, that was a wonderful poem. The Olympics I'm not sorry to miss nor would I want to be in Vancouver right now.

So far as the warm winter out here is concerned I'm just wondering if it will be the last one we experience and happy to make the most of it. Yes, I'll take a double dose of daffodils in early February.
snow or no snow, you live in one of the most beautiful place son earth. the water looks pristine, as does the air.
hopefully, there is still time to get some 'seasonal weather' before summer comes.
i've been watching the olympics late at night before i go to sleep. i just watch whatever event is on, and i cheer *all* of the athletes.
Hat tip to Canada for a beautiful Opening ceremony. WOW! You really should find a copy & see it.... they did an amazing artful job.
Really captured the flavor of the Pacific NW.

REally nice, and an honorable tribute, moment of silence for the luge rider who died.

You could hear a pin drop in that large, packed stadium, as thoughts went to his memory, family & team.

The weather has been a bummer for the outdoor runs, crummy snow, rutty, difficult & I just watched woman skiers, one after another wiping out on the choppy snow.

At least no one was hurt.

Anyway.... overall it has been a wonderful international get together & Canada has been a fine host. Eh?
Hi Gary – All that sounds more pleasant. As they say there will be winners and losers due to global warming with Nelson a winner. Maybe we will have grapes flourishing more readily in the UK, and the geese will no longer need to stop over in Mexico from the Artic.

But pity poor alpine skiers whose habitat is slowly to reduce just as Greenland will surely become green not white.
Best wishes
yay, a poem about HOPE!
i love it. there's not enough hope in the world.
love Shane, love your pix, love living in the true north strong and free (even if i snivel about the winters)

was jamming while the olympic opening ceremonies were on in the next room, with the Irish band, for a gig the next day. Pond hockey tourney. how's that for canajun, eh? will post pix after i get them downloaded. the ceremonies were gorgeous, but, i confess, i couldn't help wondering how many homes that money could have built. i admit it. i'm a Habitat for Humanity fanatic.
I love that poem . . .
we've got all your cold and snow here.....would love to send them back...

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