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Friday, January 15, 2010

A few photos from Australia

It's been weeks since we sat on the beach at Manly, since I ate fish and chips with chicken salt and rode the waves back to Sydney on the green and yellow harbour ferry. In fact, it's winter here and dark way too much of the time. No sunscreen required here. No vitamin D provided. Am I grumpy? Maybe...

Here are a sampling of photos to spark my memory...and perhaps entertain you briefly as you move along through 2010. "No worries" as the Aussies say.

I 'inherited' Lucas's hat this summer - it loves to travel and here's the proof.

Melbourne has a great tram system, including free downtown line. Photo reflection.

This little stoner is tired and spends 20 or so hours a day sleeping. The rest of the time he sits around buzzed, eating only eucalyptus leaves.

"Whoa man! Is that ANOTHER eucalyptus tree I see over there?"

View of two of the Twelve Apostles (one HAS to be Peter, the rock...) This is along the Great Ocean Road, on the south coast. Three hundred kilometres of pristine beauty - and gawking drivers and hikers.

We went to Australia for a wedding, which was wonderful - in Pacific Palms on the east coast. We lived on Bluey's Beach for a week, a few feet up the hill from where this photo was taken. By 7:00 am I'd had coffee, walked the beach, and got 5 years worth of vitamin D, converted from Canadian winter days.

At the end of the dirt road, not far from Pacific Palms, on a one-man homemade golf course (30 members) - that's where the roos are hanging out, including this little bald Joey and his mom. (Click to see larger.)

Giant fig tree - in the Wingham nature walk, inland from the east coast. Moments earlier the intrepid traveler almost stepped on a mullet (no the bad haircut, the lizard). Also spent time avoiding the Giant Stinging Tree and the poop from above, where several hundred thousand flying fox bats call home. Note: pretty much everyone in the 100 year old Australian Hotel and pub in Wingham, say "G'die Mite!" (translation: "Good Day Mate" - and each one reminds me a little of Steve Irwin.

Hiking the rain forest trail in the Blue Mountains, east of Sydney. Incredible ancient feeling and very sore legs and feet after hours of up and down. Check out the Giant Staircase (861 steps down and one weird train ride back up). You really earn your pie (ask any Australian about pie...mmmm).

December in the Sydney gardens - Merry Christmas! (Now let's get in the shade and drink a few...)

It's a bit different, but it reminded me of New Zealand.
Thanks for sharing!
I spend 577 dollars to fly to San Juan for three days, an insane adventure because I don't have the money in the first place. But I will consider sending $50 to the Haiti relief fund of the Red Cross, a drop in the bucket. But an array of drops can make up a storm,,, NO?
Those are great photos, Gary. You are an excellent travel blogger. Great photographer as well - you got really up close to Joey! I love the look on his face. He looks mighty comfortable!
Oh I envy the hand that held the camera to the eye for these wonderful pictures. I know there are remarkable places everywhere (including this one) but somehow, at this time of year with everything gray and dreary, it's a blessing to see sunny beaches, koala bears, roos, strange big trees and the Sydney Opera House across a sparkling harbor. I hope the memory serves you well til spring comes to the valley.
chicken salt? australians make chickens do aerobic exercises, then collect their perspiration and dry it for salt? waaa.
i'd love one day to visit the great barrier reef, especially up around cairns. i suppose it's touristy and all, but i still want to do it.
i'd do a tour of towns with funny names (gympie, for example) but i suspect the bus would stop in about every other town, and it would therefore be a lifetime commitment.
i love your photos. it's clear you are enjoying yourselves. Nice travelling hat!
you really love water, don't you gary? you never seem far away from it.
So beautiful. I especially love the reflection photo.

Great photos Gary. A reminder for us to see more of our unique country.
Best wishes
Thanks all.

Enjoy your trip Zee.

Susan - I think I am a sun person - and do feel restored near sun and water. But I'm Canadian too, alas.

Seraphine - you're right about me and water and about every little place being worth a stop. One of our favourite neighborhoods in Sydney has 8 (count em) O's in its name: WOOLOOMOOLOO (say it, it's fun).

Chicken salt tastes like chicken and probably is mostly MSG, but I had to try it.

Lindsay - yes! Go out and see as much as you can. And consider a bike trip with Gary one day.
Nova, I did get really close to the kangaroos, and was surprised how calm they were. I have a lovely shot of kangaroos mating in a campground too - but that's for another post :)

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