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Monday, March 22, 2010

This and that...

I'm very pleased for my American cousins. You have a new health care plan for the nation. It doesn't measure up to any of your developed country friends' plans (universal coverage and a coordinated system), but it will cover millions without health care; it taxes the rich to help pay for it; and it will cover people more easily. Perhaps more importantly (to me at least), it shows that an Obama administration can make things happen - even in the face of Faux News, fear tactics, outright lies, communist-baiting propaganda...and Big Money. Go Barack!

If this OK Go video doesn't make you smile, then you need to use your new health care system and get some sort of pills...

I love this and that.
a journey begins with small steps. and we are finally going in the right direction.
Yes, it may be a small victory but still a victory of sorts.

The video was very cool and I did chuckle so I'm not in need of drugs yet.
love it!!
having grown up with a health care system its hard to imaginge not having one.
however I don't think the one we have is particulary great either. many failings.
When I turn on the news and a particular female "commentator" is spouting off ridiculous notions, I want to throw my remote control at the TV. Sometimes I feel certain people WANT to divide our country. I'm grateful for free speech, however we don't need to resort to insults and scare tactics to persuade others to adopt our beliefs. If only people were to educate themselves rather than believe the nonsense they see on TV.
Thanks you guys...Claire, I bet Scotland is like Canada, frustrating as hell at times to get health care, but reassuring and basically pretty damn good.

I wonder who you mean Sarah? :)
are there still communists to bait? does america still give away cheese?
The US did finally open the door to health care reform. The for profit insurance companies still hold the reigns, but we needed to win to show those whose votes were bought & sold, that some semblance of democracy still existed.

Great Vid! How fun

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