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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Banksy in Toronto

0% interest in people

Will work for idiots..

Even though we probably won't know it if we see him on the streets of Toronto, there is little doubt that the UK graffiti artist has been in town.

It's not easy to be subversive in this FAUX News and celebrity-as-hero, entertainment-as-information world. It's not easy to voice a challenge to the way things are (Market=God). But bless his little rascally heart, Banksy tries.

If only I knew who Banksy was. =) And yes, I've heard of Google.
I've seen Banksy's work in and around NYC. It's cool stuff, for sure. :-D
Did you ever read about him going to four major museums in NY and installing his own artwork? He's a hero to us all.
It would have been a thrill to catch him in the act but I guess that would have spoiled the mystery and wonder of Banksy.
Do you know which streets this is in?
Can't wait to see his (her?) film - it is supposed to run in Yonge & Dundas according to his website, but probably not today...
Still wonder how he does all that without ever being caught. Or perhaps there are more people?
Nice work Banksy!
Hi Gary
Banksia gave an interview in Australia recently. I trust you’re not working too hard and have time to smell the flowers!!
Best wishes
love Banksey. am also looking forward to the movie. thanks for stopping by and leaving some kind words. if there is a hereafter, perhaps Michael and Laurie have bumped into each other by now and had some interesting chats.

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