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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off to Hazelton

I've been working hard lately... perhaps too hard. It has something to do with taking about three months off work last year and traveling to New York, Vancouver, Hawaii and Australia.

I'm off soon to work in the Hazelton area of BC for a couple of weeks of community engagement work for the health system. This is Gitxsan and Wet'suwet'en country - very beautiful and quite remote (16 hour drive for me). I stay in the r0 year old residence of the United Church run hospital. I'm really looking forward to long days (literally) and interesting people.

I miss my blogging buddies, but am not gone...just busy and drifting a little.

Does anyone else find their online time being pulled to the nefarious Facebook from their blog. That's where my kids and hundreds of my acquaintances (even if called friends) hang out.

Bulkley River from the one-lane Hagwilget Bridge - 262 feet up

Hagwilget Canyon - Bulkley River

I love these pictures. You were brave in taking them! I actually got a bit dizzy from the view looking down into the river.

I actually still stay true to blogging (as much as I can). Facebook just doesn't do it for me, although it is nice to see everyone's updates.

Don't worry too hard, my friend! Summer's for having fun and getting some sun. :-)
Have a good and safe journey!

Yes, I find myself meandering around Facebook more than before, but it's a love/not-so-much love thing for me. I seem to be a random drive-by blogger more and more these days, but not so much because of FB. I'm actually unplugging more to spend time doing other things in real life (gasp!), and one of the things I'd like to do now is go to the Bulkley River!

The photographs really are very cool and I hope you enjoy the journey again.

I have noticed things have slowed on the blogs but I'm not much good at exploring far afield and commenting either. It's hard to find the time and as for FB - nope, not me.
I hope you have a good time on your next trip. Those photos made this agoraphobe swoon a bit.

I agree on the FB. It's like instant gratification in some ways. I'm trying to find balance between it and blogging.
Thanks N! You have a fun summer too - I love NYC in the summer, even if everyone there is trying to get away :)

Cheri - you get so much done every day it's hard to believe you stop anything.

Susan - want me to be your facebook friend - really you can stop at just one friend...really! (or 500)

Lisa - thanks
Enjoy your next adventure – and don’t drift too far away!

(I think you’re right about the apparently very addicting Facebook – have yet to join...)
Beautiful pictures. I'm glad you posted!

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