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Monday, May 31, 2010

Dennis Hopper - Rest In Peace

Actor and 60's icon Dennis Hopper died this week. He was a true character, with all kind of trouble in his crazy, creative life.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, he was "one of Hollywood's most notorious drug addicts," for 20 years. He spent much of the 1970s and early 1980s living as "an outcast" in a small town he purchased after the success of Easy Rider. Hopper was also "notorious for his troubled relationships with women," including Michelle Phillips, who divorced him after less than two weeks of marriage. Hopper was married five times in total — he was in the process of divorcing Victoria Duffy, his wife of 14 years, at the time of his death — and is survived by four children. (Wikipedia)

Here's an odd piece of history. Dennis reading Kipling's poem IF, on a show hosted by (an also young) Johnny Cash. It's good...honest.

Bye Dennis.

I think it is poetic that you posted this piece and absolutely appropriate... so you Gary!
i'm sorry i didn't pay more attention to his career. his reading of the poem is very touching.
(even though 'don't look too good or talk too wise' might be words for some to live by-- it's not what i personally strive for. humility apparently isn't my strong suit)
it sounds like he lived a rather full life.
Talented man – tortured soul.
And that video? He was so young, so sure of himself and of life.
Gary - I'm still around ... somewhere!
Thanks for posting this - it reminds me of how fast time flies by.
Thanks all - hey Zee!
R.I.P. Hopper

I leave this post with a different view
upon the one I had after "Easy Rider".

Thank You, Gary

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