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Friday, August 06, 2010

Interesting blog on political life in Canada

The Honorable Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau - shy as ever

Kim Leaman, from New Brunswick has an interesting blog on progressive Canadian politics. If that's on your radar, then have a look.

Totally not on my radar, but I do love the pic (and your car haiku!).

Cheers, friend.
Sarah - a bright one
light heat exclamation mark
and all season smile
Yes, I'm interested and he does write an interesting blog. It was shocking to read his link to the story about the man who was in Queen's Park with his daughter having his prosthetic leg pulled off and his canes taken away and then told to hop to the police van. I've read a number of stories about the G20 debacle and that was the worst.

Ignatieff sounds like a pretty cool contender for Prime Minister.
haha. politics is so stuffy. everyone has an opinion. shyness and politics don't really go together.
i love the picture, gary!
You get to vote soon Susan.

Thanks Sarah.

Seraphine the wise!

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