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Friday, July 30, 2010

Canadians for a Liberal Democracy

If you're on facebook, please check out this page, particularly if you are also Canadian, planning to live in Canada or wanting to understand Canadian Politics.

If you're not on facebook, you can still take the poll and help us understand the best way to get rid of the Harper government in Canada.

Good for you for creating that Facebook group, Gary! You are a bright light in these strange times.

I hope you lovely people up north succeed in turning your politics around. (We here have been failing miserably- I hope you'll be able to teach us!)
Well, I don't know how realistic I'm being but I took the poll and leaned toward the Liberal, NDP, Green coalition. There's nothing more I can do on this side of the border but I'm hoping to be part of defeating the Conservatives when the next election comes around.

Come to think of it I can remain politically active on both sides of the border with the help of my little computer.
i love the little fish going after the big fish graphic.
and really, change doesn't usually come in one big bite. people like to think it does, but big bites come with such great cost. real change comes from many small bites. small changes lead to big changes.
keep the faith, gary.

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