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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

All Sailors Safe and Happy...Deep Men of the Deep 2010

The 2010 sailing on Kootenay Lake has sadly come and gone. All hands (and feet) have returned safely ashore. One of the heads, the bald one, has some scabs - why do they make the ceilings so damn low in boats?

The weather was perfect (hot sunny days and cool, starry beyond belief nights). Deckhands Gary and Mark bunked on the roof of the Cameronian, listening to the lapping waves and seeing the pristine shore and sparkling water by moonlight. One of them snored loudly...

There were hikes to waterfalls (see below), excellent cuisine (see below), euchre games (if Gary is not your partner, you win), martinis in the afternoon...HUGE fish to catch (see below) and even HUGER stories to doubt (er..tell). For those who know the lake, we nosed ashore for nights at Coffee Creek, Sawmill Bay and Campbell Bay.

Lots of burdens in life. Lots of worries to carry for any thinking person. Lots of duties and busy-ness. But not for these days on the lake.

View from the wheelhouse

Moonlit waters of Kootenay Lake

Mark indicates all is good...

You had to be there to see how large it really was...(not my foot!)

Powder Creek - one stage of the falls

Pesto a la Chef Ames

All good ships have their traditions - some include olives on little toothpicks...

Good friends, good drinks, good food, star-lit skies, good stories... who could ask for anything more?

It's always sad for such a trip to end, but at least you have something to look forward to having next year.
a fine way to end the summer.... and fortify yourself for the winter.... i love that part of BC.... enjoyed a vicarious spin around the lake with you and the fellows. and the giant fish.... was deeee-lish!
how did you get so lucky, gary?
that sounds like so much fun.
i envy you your summer.
maybe one day i'll have a summer like that. maybe with mojitos, mai tais or bloody marys instead of martinis, but i think i can learn to love them as much as you do.
if you don't take the time to enjoy life, when will you?
maybe next year.
Lucky duck. Looks like a great time. Glad you were able to enjoy a piece of God's glorious country.
Lovely to actually see you enjoying yourself. I know it happens often but this is a good one.
Looks like a marvellous time
shaken but not stirred? ;-)

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