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Saturday, January 05, 2008


My office (and my bony feet extending beyond laptop to prove it)

My daughter and yesterday's sunset - another tonight apparently!

Okay, I've been busy, very busy. There are beaches to walk, beers to drink, siestas to take, novels to devour, interesting senoritas to glimple from under by sombrero (or baseball cap, whatever...)

Other than my daughter getting sick for the first two days (vomit/fever/neverland sick), it's been wonderful. For those of you in heat-challenged climates, you'd appreciate 84F in the day and 65F at night.

I actually am getting some work done too. (See above.) Our landlady has a wireless connection that I can pick up if I sit on her rooftop. No desk, but I'm getting by.

Oh yeah, interesting that Iowa primary - maybe a race in the making. Gotta love those evangelicals getting the vote out for their man - if there is ever a President Huckabee, I will open an immigration service for those of you who need it. Now President Huckleberry Hound I could live with...

Gary - it's been awhile, I know, but you've not been forgotten. It's good to find you in such a wonderful state and on vacation no less. I envy you!

Cheers to you and yours,

I'm sorry about your daughter being sick, but I'm sure there is no better place to recuperate than on the beach. Take one of those little umbrellas with you if you pass through California on your way home- you might need it.
I hope Zoey has recovered (poor gal). Put me on the wait list for immigration if Suckabee wins (I'm so disgusted).
But I bet those Protestants cant tell the difference between a blessing and the last rites:
A catholic priest at Randwick blessed a particular horse before each race, placed his bet; and observed it subsequently winning on 6 consecutive races. A protestant onlooker became even more impressed when the priests procedure became even more elaborate prior to the 7th final race. The Priest seemed to cover the entire anatomy of the horse. Suitably impressed our protestant friend rushed off to place his bet on the horse.
Subsequently the horse ran last, breaking down afterwards and had to be destroyed.
What happened to your blessing for the horse asked the protestant opportunist?
Its easy to see you’re a protestant replied the Catholic Priest, obviously you can’t tell the difference between a blessing and the last rites
Great pictures and happy to hear Zoey got better fast.. looks like a good healing environment.

We may have to restart the old underground railroad.. Huckabee? We'll need well-rested Canadian friends.

Good one, Lindsay.
Sign me up for the immigration! Canada oh Canada! I must practice adding "Eh?" to my sentences. The Huskster is not my cuppa tea.

Enjoy the sunshine-- the Pacific NW is getting pummelled w heavy storms... even tried snowing some here yesterday. My foot photograph would be yielding a heavy boot-- not barefoot weather here.

The place looks lovely, & glad your daughter is on the mend. Buenos Dias!
I'm actually a big fan of snow, freezing temperatures, ice, slush - the whole winter scene - so I'm not envious at all...
Glad you're having a great time!
I independently put up something of my own daughter as well. Strange how we often seem to collide on the same mind track.
The pictures you posted are great, but they also make me very jealous. I'm doomed to be a slave this time, but next year I will be free!
Then we'll scout out this hacienda you were talking about, if needed I'll bring my tools and my pick-up truck.
In any case, savor and enjoy your present stay!
I thought maybe you were back, but those are the same "bony feet" I saw the other day. Hope you're still enjoying the view.
I hate you I hate you I hate you i hate you....I love you I love you I love you please send my ticket.
Who's Huckabee? is he related to Britney Spears who's in a mental institution being terrorized by Dr. Phil and his new child bride who just so happens to be her very young very pregnant sister? That's all we Americans care about.

I truly hope you daughter gets well soon.


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