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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I can't take it anymore!

A piece of the La Manzanilla beach just before sunset

Two nights ago, coming back from a nearby town (Melaque) by cab through the mountains, two cool things happened. First the driver, who didn't speak English, slow driving, or road-watching - almost slammed into the back of a parked (on the road) semi-truck. (That particular driver didn't speak lights of any kind.) We both laughed of course, in a manly-machismo sort of way. And I didn't even soil my pants, in that gringo-pansy sort of way.

The next thing was cooler. Out of the jungle came a huge cat, which ran across the road just in front of us. This was cat in that way that the driver called, "TIGRE!!, TIGRE!!! TIGRE!! I would have said small panther or something. Anyhow, it was cool.

Yesterday while swimming, I heard the whales call my name. Well, at least I heard the humpbacks in the bay sound like a herd of cattle at dusk, with some chirping and parroting tossed in for harmony. Then later while watching the sunset with some amigos, we watched 2 or 3 humpbacks spash, breech and slap around the water. Nice.

Okay, no photos available from any of those experiences, but I'll throw one on anyhow. This is my beach - or at least I think of it as mine, but do share it with others.

Hasta luego muchachos

So, it's not all R&R - you're actually risking your life on your vacation!
Beautiful beach - nice of you to share...
V. cool.
ooh such cool happenings! I am of course jealous of your nearness to all these creatures :)
Sounds like you’re having some hair rising adventures and a whale of a time.

Those whales were not singing to you; rather informing you of the plight of an Australian Benjamin Potts and a British citizen who are crew of the Sea Shepherd. The two crew members of the Sea Shepherd and its protest ship the “ Steve Irwin” successfully boarded the Japanese harpoon vessel Yushin Maru but were tied to the radar mast as they tried to hand over a petition calling for an end to whaling, on behalf of it’s clients, the Wales.

They were taken below afterwards.

Best wishes and Feliz Año Nuevo!
Saw a moose once. wrecked a Volkswagen Rabbit on another occasion. My life is shit :-)
Please tell me they have Cabana boys/men there.
You do the right thing!
I'm on the other hand are contemplatively in third gear of survival mode, freezing my ass off and breaking my bones to make a living.
So am I jealous? Yes, no, yes, no - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your stay.
Sounds like what I deal with when I get into any vehicle down here...

4 Rules of Latin American Driving:

1) Why use the brake when you can use the horn?

2) Road signage is only a suggestion

3) Foot to the floor always, except for speed bumps

4) If you have an inch of clearance, it is enough
The car thing too much of an adventure, really, but the big cat & chatting whales....very nice or should I say muy bueno?
I am sooooo jealous.
Thanks all for dropping by. I´m on my home to -5C tomorrow. I think another few weeks here and it would be difficult to return. But I´m sure I´ll be back in life-as-it-is quickly.

Lindsay - good story. I have continued to see the whales each day.

Kathie - no canana boys/men where I am, but many nice Mexican hombres who would be delighted to meet you!

Andres - those are the rules all right! Be safe - when do you return?
You must be on Mexican time by now. Isn't it wonderful not to hurry life, so that you can actually hear the whales over the television ads?

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