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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Secular State 1 - Christian Misogynists 0

The Dutch courts aren't struggling over church and state it seems. The Reformed Political Party sounds like a fun bunch of guys! "Hey let's work for a Holland run entirely on the Bible! But whatever we do, we have to keep the gals out of it..."

Glad George II doesn't appoint their judges.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Party penalised for woman snub: A Dutch court has ruled that the state must stop funding a fundamentalist Calvinist party, because it refuses to allow women to be full members.

Judges in The Hague said that funding the party was a violation of the UN Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

The Reformed Political Party (SGP), which was founded in 1918, will lose about one million euros per year.

The party says it wants government based entirely on Biblical teachings. Full article

UN Convention on Discrimination Against Women

Bible-based political party, huh? I guess they extirpated Judith, Deborah, and Miriam from their copies.

I'm generally not in favour of abortions, but I'm not going to claim Biblical backing for that one. Funny how all the fundies in the last century or so take their own extrapolation as pure gospel truth.

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