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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Luis Posada Carriles Must Do Time - big time...

Luis Posada Carriles is linked to the murder of 73 people on a plane, bombings in Cuba, Iran-Contra tricks and has a record of doing such things under CIA auspices. If the US will not extradite him to Venezuela because he may end up in Cuba - how about these options:
- agreement from Venezuela that he'll be tried and if convicted, sentenced in Venezuela (which is after all where he escaped from prision)
- find a way to try and convict him in the US for his crimes (as if!)

This is a bad, bad man who represents the worst of US dirty tricks. He's actually boasted of his work. The families of those who died in the 1976 plane bombing deserve justice. The rest of us deserve some truth here.

The sister of one victim (Rosanne Nenninger) spoke about her brother's death yesterday.

All this freedom lost in the name of freedom...


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