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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Creationism, evolutionism, intelligent designism, common sensism...

Enough already! Yes, I know there are those who want to get God into the education system somehow and there are a lot of Yanks (and others) who believe the universe was born a few thousand years ago, that Mary was a virgin and all that. Creationism is out of favour by anyone who is not mired in superstition. We also know that even bright scientists who aren't religious like to challenge the theory of evolution when holes seem to appear in it as the explanation for all. In comes 'intelligent design'.

Here's the deal: evolution theory is well proven and no one should seriously think the Bible describes literal creation. (Of course you can if you choose too - you can also believe that you will win tonight's lottery and that Reality Shows are real.) Yes there are more theories to test... more to learn. Scientists - start your motors!

As for the complexity of nature and all and the feeling one might have that there must be a purpose and perhaps an original cause for all this...well, we each get to ponder that one for ourselves. I suspect that whether it's a grand play or a random unfolding, my opinion won't change the outcome much. I certainly don't need to know in order to live a good life.

Here's the thing about education: whatever you do down there in the US, don't let people who base their beliefs on old books, superstition and their version of divine faith lift this up to the level of an educational debate. It's not - science continues to learn (even explores design) and religion continues to be whatever one chooses to make of it. Mixing not good.

Wikipedia note on ID

I am publishing a post about ID and evolution on my blog for tomorrow (Thurs) and I agree with you absolutely. Evolution is science and can be verified thru scientific means. ID is not science. It is a theory based upon religious faith that can never be proven nor disproven. I personally do not want my religious beliefs to ever be proven scientifically-- it would take away so much of the spiritual and mystical nature for me-- but I do want my science to be proven qualitatively or quantitatively. Why are these religious freaks so afraid of knowledge? Perhaps a re-reading of Dr. Faustus is in order, eh?
Thanks. I'll be watching for your post on Thursday.
I think you may be onto something w/your thinking on Bush and the evolutionary process... or it may be that he is suffering from some kind of disorder... stay tuned... I have a post prepared for Friday on what exactly is wrong with Bush's sociopathic behaviors... as if I am a trained professional, ya... right... but I can recognize disturbed when I see it.
I know this is an old entry, but the choir would like to chime in and say, "AMEN!" For this Yank, it's not so much the lifting of this up to the level of educational debate that's chilling; it's the possible dragging down of the education that has me worried.

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