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Monday, August 01, 2005

Iraq war has no effect on bomber targets?

After the awful events in London in July - one part of the media/political fixation seems to be on rhetoric around: "Does the UK involvement in the Iraq occupation make us a target?" The two simplistic views include:

- Tony Blair's: These are bad bad people and it has nothing to do with our military involvement in Iraq - don't even say it! and

- The other: No one would ever hurt us if we only stayed out of Iraq.

My take is wiser than both - honest... Of course the UK involvement in Iraq increases the liklihood of them being targetted. El Queda has even stated this a number of times. Same goes for attacks on Spain and the Australian embassy in Indonesia. So if Tony wants to go to war, he might try saying, "Yes, it puts us more at risk, but I believe we have to accept that risk to fight terrorism, blah, blah, blah."

Those who think no violence would occur if only they pull out of Iraq might try, "We believe it's wrong to be there, want our troops to come home... and it might even reduce the risk of attacks in Britain."

Meanwhile - no weapons of mass destruction, no quick-war, no peace in Iraq on the horizon and no acknowledgement that the Iraq invasion (so far) has made the world a less safe place. For Iraqis of course (including women and kids) and for the US and their partner nations (thousands dead or wounded already) As well, Iraq is now a breeding place for those unemployed, angry and confused young men who believe killing innocent people is some kind of holy gesture. (Religion at work again... but that's another story.)
Hi Gary-- returning the blog visit. I agree that the "why do extremists want to attack us" question is very complex, but I never once bought into that Bush/Neo-Con crap that "they hate us for our freedoms". It didn't make sense when it was said after Spet 11th and it certainly doesn't make sense at all now that we have slaughtered how many innocent Iraqis.
I am so saddened by my nation's drunken bloodlust-- this Colonial Quest for Oil-- and it is only breeding more terrorists that now have valid reasons to rise up against us. Bush squandered all of the sympathy and well-wishing that we received the world over after 9/11 so he could launch this Imperialistic Iraqi venture that will only bankrupt our nation's finances, human resources, and reputation. And he does all of this while pretending to be a Christian man of high morals.
If he is a Christian, then I'm the Virgin Mary. If he is a man of high morals-- hell-- ANY morals, then I am the Queen of England. I just wish that the rest of my citizenry would put down the Neo-Con/ Religious Fright Kool-Aid and see the awful ugly truth.

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