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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Good enough is Good Enough

We seem to be a society that is obsessed with extremes... somehow it's not good enough unless it's great. Work has to be excellent or best practice (wonder who started with ordinary practice?). Bodies have to be attractive (and slim). And of course, we have to be the best we can be! It's not enough to play games, it's important to be on winning teams. Superpower, super-model, superstar, new & improved, super laxatives and Olympic medals...

I am considering writing a book with the working title: Abandoning Excellence - Good Enough is Good Enough. It will promote relaxing, slowing down, enjoying each other the way we are, striving for good enough in raising kids, getting jobs, getting fit, eating and on and on.

If this resonates with you, I'd love to hear your ideas for content.

If it doesn't resonate - feel free to climb back on the treadmill, find your perfect lover, be passionate in all you do... and you're very beautiful - really.

you should write a book, good for the soul.
mmm...the idea is good.

Actually,this is the basic principle i follow in my life.:)

Why worry all the time? I have no idea how long i can spend time on earth..maybe,i wont live the next second. So,its better if we stop the unnecesary rush.

B/w...how did u add this "site counter"? Pls can u teach me too?I would luv to have it in my blog:)
I have some tales to tell from my last job who believed in excellence at all expense, and good enough never would be. Happy to provide anecdotes.
We desparately need a book on learning how to be "good enough". Perfection has most definitely gotten out of control. Where does it end? By humanity becoming "transhuman" - those who have the money enhancing their imperfections through bio-technology?

Great idea! I'll buy it!
Thanks Rachel - work is probably one of the big "good enough is good enough" sicko places. Not every job can be filled with passion, excellence, making a real difference and somehow be changing our destiny. I used to shovel poop at a zoo for example - good enough too...
I agree completely with your post, Gary. I know I will never be the perfect wife, mother, waitress in the world, but I give it my all and come out on top. I have a wonderful husband who's faults are as precious to me as his perfections, and a daughter that loves me because I love her. That's all I need in this world. :)
Amen and amen! We're driving ourselves crazy trying to be as precise and soul-less as a pack of ruddy computers! Good post.

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