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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Big Picture....Small Picture

I spend a lot of time watching world events, interpreting them through a lens based on human rights, respect and tolerance...sometimes righteous anger. I have a basic belief that we won't solve the issues of our time (war, our environment, poverty, lack of freedom...) without struggling for basic rights for every human being. These days my mind is on Palestine & Israel, Guantanamo Bay (and other off-the-legal-map prison sites) and Darfur (where I once worked).

Meanwhile, on the simple human homefront, I recently attended a high school reunion (that's a post itself) and learned that at least 5 of my classmates are not alive. I learned that two good friends have cancer (one unlikely to survive) and today another friend's mother died.

Big picture: it's worth the effort to work for what's right - I have no choice in fact.

Small picture: we're each going to die in a blink of time - love, family, friends and compassion for our fragility is the focus I want to keep. Enjoy our time...


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