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Sunday, August 28, 2005

My last post on Rev. Pat - honest!

A fine piece of poetery by John Allemang, Globe and Mail Columnist (Saturday paper).

Divine Intervention

Who doesn't miss the good old days
When God wiped out salvation's strays
Without a sober second thought,
Or critics shouting, Thou shalt not?
The faith that bred Pat Robertson
May not have had much time for fun,
But when it came to games of war,
Pat learned what retribution's for:
Take out the enemies of God
Wherever they may lurk abroad,
For no Lord worth believing in
Deems shooting socialists a sin.

And yet, when Pat launched his crusade
To undertake a holy raid,
And serve the cause of true belief
By killing Venezuela's chief,
Nobody lined up at his side -
So much for pious homicide.
What suits the 700 Club
Still seems extreme, and there's the rub:
Who knows, on any given day,
Which Christians rule the USA -
The ones whose God still preaches love
Or those who kill, blessed from above?

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