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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Happy New Year blogsters!

I'm sure it's not the same for everyone, but for me and so many others I know, the New Year seems to begin the first Tuesday of September. It's obvious for students and involved parents, but it seems to be the case for people in lots of other sectors too, including health, social services, investment, administration and more. I suppose the exceptions are farming, tourism, construction and some retail.

Anyhow, I spend the last bit of summer trying to soak up the season - late nights, too much red wine, books at the beach, walks with kids... It's like rushing back to a great buffet, before it's removed and taken back to the kitchen.

I'm feeling the stress of a busy fall already - awake early today imagining how some contracts will work out, what weekends I'm already booked to work and so on.

No big message here - unless you want to join me to call for official recognition of a new New Year. Maybe we could name it something else... ideas?

Hey - quick GOOGLE and here's someone who agrees.

It's true even for unschoolers like us! Somehow the snap in the air puts a little more oomph in the day-to-day. Until about February 15... then it's the long, dark teatime of the soul until April 15 and spring, spring, spring!
I like the term 'unschoolers' - is this deliberately different than home schooling? My impression from the phrase would be that you let your children learn and explore and support their learning as opposed to a rigid curriculum. Just a guess...
Ezackly. We strew a lot of neat things and resources in their paths, but the only mandatory thing is swimming lessons. (Mandatory for kids who like to play at the lake!)

Often people assume that kids will "refuse" to learn, but that's certainly not borne out by the reality. They learn when they're ready and interested, and cycle between peaks and plateaux. Like adults do.
I love the cartoon!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
A family in our co-housing community schooled their 2 daughters in a similar manner. Both are in regular high school now and doing extremely well. After her first month in Grade 10, Maddie told me "It's pretty easy to do the work and the kids are fun, but we sure waste a lot of time. I could do the academics in 2 hours a day and still have lots of time for other things."

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