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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tip for CBC fans

As most Canucks and some US brothers and sisters will know, CBC employees are currently locked out across Canada. The issue is around contracting out work, not wages. Shelagh Rogers, one of our most-loved (okay, she's been accused of being far to nice and laughing too much, but I love her) broadcasters is driving across the country boosting morale on the picket lines and blogging away at this link .

It seems like dark days are upon us in many ways (from Katrina to Darfur to the US Supreme Court tilt...) What do we need to get through these days? Humour (see post below). Information and insight (see CBC and blogs). Solidarity and dignity...see the mirror and act on your convictions.

I am dreading what is coming next in the US... dear God... WHAT ELSE can this administration F-up? And to think, when Gore gave up in 2000 and my hubby and I sadly accepted Bush as our... gulp... President, we both said to one another: "C'mon... how much damage can he do in 4yrs?" Say that sentence out loud now in 2005..... I think I have to go drink heavily now to numb the pain.
If it's any comfort, millions of people around the world are pulling for all the Tinas. Don't feel any pressure! It is scary though - just the fiscal situation alone, even without the damning social and foreign policies.

I'm hoping the voting pendulum will swing during mid-term elections - any chance?

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