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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Challenge of Authentic Leadership

quote of the week (makes good sense to me...)

In order to address the overwhelming global problems that are affecting all of us, we need to get to a point where we all feel compelled to assume a much bigger, more all-embracing emotional, philosophical, moral, and ultimately spiritual relationship to being a human being and living in this world. And of course, if change is going to happen on a scale that can truly make a difference, the individuals who are in positions of leadership are going to have to become nothing less than heroes—moral, ethical, and spiritual heroes—who are willing to take big risks for all of our sake.

If our leaders were to become
real leaders in this way, to evolve at the level of consciousness and conscience, they would truly be able to come together in new ways. This is the challenge of authentic leadership and, from a certain point of view, nothing is more important. No matter how many individuals awaken, unless those who are really in positions of power—which means politicians and corporate leaders—evolve and awaken in dramatic ways, nothing is really going to change.

- Andrew Cohen

... and if our leaders aren't going there - throw the bums out and find some who can (- Gary)


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