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Friday, October 14, 2005

What's with the union bashing?

Teachers in British Columbia are going into the second week of an illegal strike. The underlying issue (aside from wages and working conditions) is that the government has imposed a contract on them with no negotiations and no meaningful way for teachers to even address issues of concern. There is some pretty strong public support for the teachers (it wanes as time passes I fear), but I have had a few people say things to me like: "I wish I had a raise - haven't had one for years." or "They get summers off, why should they complain" or "Try working without any benefits, then ask for my support".

Here's the short rant - Why do unions get bashed by other workers comparing how bad their own conditions are? No one should work without benefits. Every worker should earn enough money to live decently. Every worker should have paid vacations. What a load of crap to think that by bringing down union workers somehow things will be more fair or just. I dream of the day that every Walmart employee in Canada hits the street, forms a union and begins a movement to create a decent career in the retail and service industry. Globalization and fear has got us on the run folks.

Yes, for the love of the birds, UNIONIZE! The only reason our family can function on one wage is because of the union, but it's amazing what kind of anti-union sentiment is out there. It's weird. If you think the unionized workers have a good thing going, then why wouldn't you want to be a unionized worker?
Interesting post. My friend told me yesterday I should work for the unions, like the adminstration.
I disagree.
Rachel, thanks for posting. What do you disagree with?

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