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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Intelligent Design

Photo: created or evolved?

I have been thinking about the intelligent design debate as it gets more and more air time (even in Canadian media where there is no issue around schools...yet). Here goes: this isn't really a debate about the merits of evolution versus God's own creationism (masquerading as intelligent design). The real debate is about what is appropriate to teach our youth in school. If we're teaching science, then evolution is a valid thing to teach - it's a scientific theory with mountains of evidence ... and some interesting questions to still answer.

Intelligent design is not about science or evidence - it's really about faith, wonder, interpretation of transcental experience etc. It might be interesting to discuss in philosophy or in history or anthropology - but it ain't science.

I talk to my teens about everything, including this issue. I'm not afraid of discussion. But I'd be lining up to challenge the school board if they began teaching intelligent design or religion as part of a science curriculum.

Oh, I still think the issue is being pushed mostly by people who have some sort of superstitious belief system that leads them to want everyone in America (and the world) to become Christians. Weird idea. I suspect Jesus would be the first to say so.

It's so frustrating to be in the educational system here in the U.S. and have to face this issue. If you're truly a scientist, you want to teach with integrity, adhering to the standards of the field (which don't include "intelligent design," as you know). I've been teaching English and Literature at the college level part-time for years. Now I'm becoming certified to teach elementary school, at which level I will have to teach science. This is one issue that I dread facing because I know I will never in good conscience be able to indoctrinate students into anybody's faith or compromise their educations for the sake of keeping peace with the zealots. Are we going to end up with a bunch of intellectual shrimps teaching our kids?
I'm actually not so worried for the kids (they will grow up to think for themselves and be able to discuss things at home). I'm more worried about the principle of sneaking religious belief into schools under the guise of science. Okay - I am worried about some of the kids too...
I can't believe in this day and age, Great Britain still has state sponsored religion. It is God damn shameful.

America is much more enlightened. The first country to take God out of the state.

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