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Friday, September 30, 2005

Schwarzenegger vetoes gay marriage bill

The Terminator has terminated a piece of law passed by the California legislature. This is another interesting example of diverging values at the 49th parallel. While the issue of same sex marriage is contentious on both side of the border - in Canada the majority have little or no trouble with it (and it's legal across Canada now) - in the US the majority are opposed and the religious right have made it one of the key issues of our times. Too bad they aren't on the tolerance, love, sharing of wealth, or swords-to-plowshares bandwagons...

Here's some background on the Canadian legislation.

It will be interesting to see what happens on this issue when there's a swing to the Democrats in the U.S., particularly given Canada's legislation.
I agree... and aren't you hopeful! I think there will be a swing away from the Republicans, but wonder if it will be in then next set of elections?
I posted on this tonight. This is my state folks. It is blowing up. I do not like this. I am scared. I want peace. PEACE.
I love the pix of the Gropenator, Gary. I pray for that swing towards the Dems EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have a lil girl in my class who has 2 mommies, and several of my fellow teachers have made derogatory remarks about the moms... but after I blasted those very teachers for being divorced-- so who were they to comment on upholding marriage-- they haven't said those things around me lately, but so help me God, if these self-righteous cows ever say something like that in front of this lil girl, I will consider legal action. She is a well fed, well dressed, VERY well behaved, and good student and kid... I wouldn't care if feral wolves were raising her... as long as she is happy, well loved and cared for.

Gary-- I just wanted to give you the head's up-- I used your Vietnam Vets in Canada link and I gave you a hat tip in my post. Thanks so much for the link.
Thanks Tina, I'll post a link here too.
Gary, is it fair to rub our noses in it like this? (Kidding).
Sorry about that! I think there is a Canadian flaw these days... a sort of smugness in relation to our American cousins. First, it ain't perfect up here and second, nobody likes a smarty pants! Apologies.
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