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Saturday, September 17, 2005

US and Canada have divergent values...take the survey!

Been away for a few days - hard work and some beautiful driving in Canada's wine country.


We often hear about the Americanization of Canadian culture - McFood, Starbucks on every corner, Hollywood movies defining us etc... While on the level of consumer goods and entertainment there is some evidence of this, the evidence about our peoples' values is that they are different and growing more different.

Some examples of Canadian behaviour that would puzzle many American cousins:
  1. Socialized medicine - in Canada it's not about "if" - it's always about how to ensure every single person is covered properly and is cared for - and yes, we will pay for it.
  2. Human rights - Canada has passed legislation making same-sex marriage legal across the land (not just the contractual rights). Even California can't seem to pull that off.
  3. War on Drugs - the US has spent billions fighting a war that most Canadians consider a health issue. In fact, decriminalization of marijauna is on track in Canada.
  4. Religion - while the religious right in Canada might love to have the power of their American pals-in-prayer - it will not happen. All the surveys in Canada indicate growing strength in support for a secular state based on rights and freedoms (including of course the freedom to believe in what you want)
In book Fire and Ice, Michael Adams uses decades of value surveys to make a compelling case that Canadians and Americans are moving apart on most values issues, not together.

You can take the survey and see where you fit on the values map (
here). Post your mapping here if you want. I fell into the Idealism & Autonomy quadrant.

Fundamental Motivations and Values

* Personal Control
* Question Authority
* Global Consciousness
* Adaptability to Complexity
* Flexible Families

I am in the same quadrant as you.
Hmmmm....marriage fell apart...met a gay man in my church...everything is falling apart! I can't take it anymore...

Am getting back my family values, meaning extremely liberal, and now I am an EO Christian

How weird.
Not necessarily weird...sounds like a time of transition and learning. Your values sound strong and good - of course mine are similar, so it's easy for me to say that. :)
That's where I plotted myself in, too. I wonder where I would have landed 10 years ago?
And ten years from now! Maybe they'll need a fifth quadrant for us (guess that would be a cinquant).

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