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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ontario Joins Quebec in saying no to Sharia Law

On Sunday, September 11, the Ontario (Canada) government announced that it will revise the Ontario Arbitration Act so that it does not require Ontario to enforce decisions reached by religious arbitration. There was recently a move to support the use of Sharia law to serve as legally binding arbitration for family matters (for those who choose it). A similar ruling was made earlier this year in Quebec.

This is a clear message that all Ontarians will be under one law, regardless of ethnicity, religion or race as is stated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. - Alia Hogmen, Canadian Council of Muslim Women
For short series of articles on this decision go to this Straight Goods compilation.

I'm so relieved to read this!
Yes, in Amnesty we've been watching this closely. It's important to have religious freedom, but also to protect people equally (particularly women in this case) through our laws. I like a Canada that puts individual and minority rights ahead of social or belief structures.

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