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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't forget Darfur

I worked for the international Red Cross in Sudan about 20 years ago. Some of this work included famine relief in Darfur. It was a humbling experience to be with people who had suffered from 2 or more years of drought, loss of life (infants and the elderly were almost extinguished) ... and yet to find the people so gracious, dignified and generous. Wherever we went, people kept their pride, their hope and worked hard to feed us the best food they could rustle up.

It's so hard to learn again and again of the rape, the murder, the burnings, the devastation that is taking place today. Can we imagine a disaster where 50% of the population of New Orleans is dead - from violence? Act if you can -
here's one link.

Your post reminds me of my Christian brother's experience with the people of Uganda. Same thing, full of grace, joy and peace despite incredible hardship and poverty. I wish I could see it. Unfortunately as a woman of European extraction, a young woman, I would only be seen as a sex object by most of the men in Uganda. Alas...
Thank you for keeping Darfur in our mind's. Let us not forget Africa.

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