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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

US Polls Hammer Bush & Co.

It looks like Bush is tanking in the polls... and not just in Paris or Madrid. I'm not sure what will drag him down to the bottom of the US voters list, but put my bet on the Iraq morass and the ever-blossoming unimaginabley huge US deficit.

I have two fears: first that a terrorist attack on Americans will galvanize the fear-factor, pulling people into a huddle that looks to George. This is somewhat likely to happen, sooner or later - I just hope people can think critically, instead of with the reptile part of the brain.

The other fear is that the Democrats will be unable to find a voice to offer change. They should be shouting about the lies and corruption; the wrong war being led the wrong way; the beating the poor are taking; the massaging the rich are getting; the toilet the environment is flushing down and the distrust and outrage the international community feels towards Bush's UN policy, flagrant disregard of International Humanitarian Law and rush to nuclear armament.

I'm afraid the Democrats are too comfy themselves to rock the boat much. They've got their hands in some of the same cookie jars, so to speak (how's that for mixing metaphors?! Ha.).

I think another major disaster of any sort will only impact the Shrub negatively. We know he didn't handle the first attack all that well, right? I think (hope?) the huddle you mention has seen George ain't da man. And then Katrina forced people to face so much--the extreme poverty that exists in this country, Shrub's cronyism, the incompetence that resulted from said cronyism.... Or, I hope people see it. Enough people, anyway

I'm still dreaming of that third party. Sigh.

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