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Monday, October 24, 2005

Lions Skulls Found in Tower of London

Wow! Not only did the Kings of England like the lion symbol (they still do) - they actually had lions in the Tower of London (story). How times change...now they have a weasel in 10 Downing Street (or is it a chameleon)?
The best preserved lion skull was radiocarbon dated to between AD 1280 and 1385, making it the earliest Medieval big cat known in Britain. The period when it lived covers the reigns of Edward I, II and III, when the lion tower was built.

rock on! I am a lioness. Roar!
It looks like two lionesses in your blog photo. Go girls!
that's crazy!

i'd love to go to the tower. i bet there are all kinds of things still hidden there.

like the skeletons of the two (murdered?) princes.

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