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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Think I Could Handle Winning the Lottery

Last night someone in Camrose, Alberta won $54 million in a lottery. This story tells of some big winners who aren't too happy sometime later. I want all of you to know (especially if you win) that I think I can handle a lot of money. My plan is to create a foundation, choose some fine people to be Directors and then proceed to have fun doing some good, challenging some idiots ... and of course, holding board meetings in wonderfully interesting places (especially in February).

I'm now taking applications (and money if you win... remember that)!

I'm with you, Brother Gary. Sign me up! Do you need to see lottery ticket reciepts?
I'll keep you in mind; you keep me in mind. I always imagined myself as a philanthropist if I ever had the funds.
You're both on my list...
Sign me up!
Checked your site - and I'm sure we could use a lawyer with integrity on the board - you're in!

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