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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rights of Indigenous Peoples - action opportunity

Something not getting much attention, but important... I think that it's hard to move forward if there is a mess in my past - is there a more fundamental mess in our collective modern history than the treatment of indigenous peoples?

Within weeks, the United Nations General Assembly must make a decision on the long awaited and urgently needed UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Either the international community will move ahead with final adoption as has been urged by Indigenous peoples and their supporters worldwide, or adoption of the Declaration will once again be delayed due to the demands of a small, yet vocal group of states (guess who?).

Please take this opportunity to support the Declaration (petition here).

More than 18,000 individuals and organizations have already signed a global petition hosted by Amnesty International Canada in support of the Declaration.
If you haven't already done so, please add your name and encourage many others to do so.

Hi, Gary, I'm baaaack. And I've signed the petition. I spent three years on the Navajo Nation working for Legal Aid. It's an incredibly important issue. Thanks for bringing it up.
Welcome back my favourite subversive librarian (they all are a little you know...)
What does indiginous mean? All peoples migrated from somewhere. Native Americans wandered across from Kamchatka.
Thanks for bringing this issue up Gary. I've signed the petition.
Good question Bohemian and there are a few answers. The broadest definition of indigenous people is 'People living in an area generally since prehistoric (or pre-European contact) times.'

The UN and other agencies have more complex definitions because they often are in a legal context.
Hello, Gary.
Thanks for the heads up.
A little over 19,000 signatures now...
You're such a great guy, G.

HEY, got that Barbara Gowdy book. Very cool. Look for email.

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